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est. 1974 - Providing Quality childcare across the North West during the summer holidays

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About Playscheme

Playscheme has been entertaining children in a safe environment since 1974. We are unique in our structure and activities and look forward to welcoming more children each and every year.

Playscheme 2024 - our 50th year

Who'd have thought that back in 1974 Jim Green had started something that would still be such a pivotal part of Leyland Summers 50 years later.

All of the Playscheme team are beyond excited at the prospect of a summer with Playscheme once again with not one but TWO schemes planned for 2024

Places will be limited but watch this space for more details -bookings will open after the Easter break.

The dates for this summer are below. 

Samlesbury Playscheme 2024              Mon 29th July – Fri 2nd Aug 2024

Leyland Playscheme 2024                     Mon 5th – Fri 9th August 2024


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Get Involved & Volunteer

Why not be a part of the fun?  Come and get involved, find out what it's all about get trained and the chance for some recognised qualifications.

What else were you going to do with your summer anyway???

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Our Bus Service

Playscheme provides a free supervised bus service from across the North West.  Once again we are pleased to welcome Tyrers as our partner in providing all our transport requiredments.

All buses are seat belted and bus times are issued closer to Playscheme - this allows us to make sure that we have timetables that are as accurate as possible. 


Grouping of Children


We understand that children just want to be with their friends and we offer the grouping keyword system to provide for this.  Children using the same keyword will be placed together, wherever possible.         

When booking your child onto scheme simply select a keyword.

If you are first in the group to book then choose on of the top few keywords as these are new and unused.  If you want to add your child onto an exisitng keyword scroll down the list to find it.  The number next to it is how many children are already using that keyword.      

Places will be limited but watch this space for more details -bookings will open after Easter 2024.

If more than 6 children use the same keyword we CANNOT keep them in the same group - where possible they will be placed in adajacent groups though.

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Age Groups (Divisions)

Children are grouped according to their 'school age' - this is their age on 31st August.  We have three main 'divisions, these are:


For ages 5-7 this division is more structured and nurturing providing exciting activities suited to our smaller Playschemers.  They are always in the same group together throughout the week.

Major League

For ages 8-11 this is our largest division and has a variety of trips and activities that Playschemers can choose from each day so they may not stay with the same group all the time. 


Our oldest age group is for 12-14 and has a more mature approach with many of the same activities as Major League but also their own space away from the younger Playschemers    

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